Pen Spinning Pro

Pen Spinning Pro is the single destination for anyone looking to learn pen spinning. Packed with loads of amazing moves, this course teaches the art of pen spinning in a clear, concise and easy to follow format.


Learn how to spin a pen like a pro. This course includes 12 tutorials shot in 4K from multiple angles with bonus slo-mo footage to make learning these moves easier.

Meet your Instructor | Oscar Owen

Oscar Owen is an award-winning close-up magician and YouTuber. Magic has taken him all over the world to astonish large audiences and celebrity guests at some of the most high-end red-carpet events and festivals on the planet. Since 2016 he has been teaching magic on YouTube; amassing hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views from over 120 countries. Internationally known for easy-to-follow tutorials that reveal mind-blowing magic tricks, Oscar has brought all his passion and knowledge for teaching magic into this pen spinning course. By following his simple instructions you will learn how to astonish anyone you meet with nothing more than a pen.